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Investigate Your Online Bachelor Degree Options

Thinking about getting an online bachelor degree? Your first step should be to check with your local state government. Many states offer lists of online bachelor programs or links to university websites that can give you more information about how to obtain an online bachelor degree in your area. For additional information on online bachelor programs, you may also do a state-specific search using a search engine. Your search for information on getting an online bachelor degree will usually return three types of results: public schools, non-profit private schools and for-profit private schools.

Once you have a list of options, narrow your choice among the online bachelor programs in your area by evaluating some or all of the following factors: scheduling, courses offered, whether you will need to attend some classes in person, the accreditation status of the school, the school’s reputation, cost, application standards and support services for online students. Make a list of your priorities and rank each school according to how well it meets them. Contact the schools that meet your minimum standards for more information. Taking a methodical approach to choosing a school and investigating all your options can save you time and money and help make your online education experience a successful one.


Top Online Colleges

Getting a degree online is easier than ever, thanks to the popularity and accessibility of online learning. Taking classes online is convenient, but remember that a college education is not an easy feat. While many colleges offer online degrees, some have not considered the particular challenges of the online learner. Below are the top online colleges that understand the unique needs of the online learner.

University of Phoenix
The University of Phoenix offers associate and bachelor degree programs online, specializing in health administration and criminal justice. Faculty are practicing professionals that teach part-time, offering a practical perspective to the online learner.

Capella University
Capella University is one of the few distance learning programs that offer doctoral degrees to the online learner. Capella is accrediteed by the Higher Learning Commission. Capella offers degrees in business management, health care, and public safety.

Kaplan University
Kaplan University is particularly known for offering a law degree. Of course, Kaplan also offers associate and bachelor degrees in growing career fields such as health care and criminal justice.

Devry University
Devry caters to the the student that desires a technical degree, offering an engineering degree, normally a course of study that requires a campus presence. Devry also offers degrees in accounting and business management.

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