Accreditation is Education Insurance

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Accreditation is Education Insurance

Colleges and Universities that offer online PhD programs may list the accreditations that they have for the program and for the school. These accreditations and licenses range depending on the program and get become confusing for the student. Students may not know what accreditation to look for or if the accredited organization is a requirement for their degree plan. To simplify the question regarding accreditation and educational licenses the student should keep in mind that it boils down to educational insurance.

If a school has a licensing or seal of accreditation all that is stating is that a particular organization or association is standing behind the program. That seal or licensing is a way of the student to know that the program and the school are both legitimate. The programs that they offer will give the student the education that is considered standard at any degree granting university or college within that region or nation. The student obtains the piece of mind that their financial and time investment into the their chosen PhD is from a university that knows what they are doing.

Students should also remember that the accreditation of the program may not matter. The courses and education received within those courses are what is important. Do research and make sure what backing is necessary before enrolling.



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